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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 24, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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if you believe you can get that through congress eliminate it. the republicans will stand up for head start. >> sean: we got to roll thank you guys. is all the time we have left. as always thank you for being with is you. let not your heart be troubled. greta is next. see you tomorrow night. >> greta: we gave them asylum, citizenship, freedom, opportunity and even welfare and how did they thank us? with bombs. >> we may have a 9/11 situation all over. is homeland security talking to fbi. you get one story from the fbi and another story from dhs and that is a major problem. >> secretary napolitano testified yesterday tamerlan tsarnaev did ping in the is systems when traveled but the fbi did a thorough investigation in 2012 and did not find any terrorism activity for him. >> multiple reports confirming that a team of fbi agents have traveled to the southern russian province and talking to
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the parents of the is suspected boston marathon bombers. >> when the bomb went off didn't the fbi say to themselves do we have any suspects in the been a area that we previously interviewed that may fit this profile and when we got a a photo of the older brother how could the system not pick up the fact that he had already been in the system? there is a lot to answer here. >> greta: we have new information tonight on intelligence gaps and the two accused bombers. that news in just a few minutes. first, listen to this. the suspects accused of blowing up the boston marathon both received welfare benefits from the state of massachusetts. that is right. the same men accused of attacking america both lived off the generosity and kindness of the taxpayers. boston herald managing edit joins us. nice to talk to you, joe. the headline is this welfare tonight in part. who was getting welfare and when.
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>> the whole family was getting welfare at some point,. the older brother tam li tamerd his family were receiving welfare until 2012. this clueds when was beginning to cook up the hatred for america. they are not telling us many details. >> greta: not to jump on the people of massachusetts too hard but i'm he curious i know this is state welfare and coming from the state. i'm he curious there was any investigation as to whether either of the young men was able bodied and could work? >> they are not saying. there is many questions. we have been asking the questions all day. they are not saying what kind of benefits. it was food stamps. it was an ebt card. did they use that ebt card to buy something? you know, where did they use it? they are are not the telling us those details. all we know is that taxpayers of massachusetts paid welfare for the two brothers, the brother's wife and little girl and the family at some point
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when they came from russia to massachusetts. >> greta: did tamerlan the one who is now dead did he ever work? >> he worked a little bit for a home depot. then he became a stay at home dad while his wife catherine russell worked 70 to 80 hours a week as a home health aide. >> greta: and so he sat the home and she worked 70 for 80 hours a week and, of course, we know what he did in his spare time. let me ask you about who is misha? >> the shadowy figure who may have been the one that began to radicalize tamerlan? >> greta: any information? someone who lives in the united states. someone associated with some mosque? >> don't know. we are told that it is associated with a mosque. that it is associated with radicalization and his hatred for america and it began his
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father said with misha. that is the latest on that. >> greta: i understand the mosque that tamerlan worshiped in they are refusing to do a funeral service for him. >> and his body also has not been claimed by anybody. we are hearing that the parents may be coming back to boston beginning as early as tomorrow. >> greta: and the parents -- they were being questioned i understand at least our fbi wanted to question them. >> i would believe so. also there is a warrant out against the mother. so i think when she steps on massachusetts soil she is going to be facing some police immediately. >> greta: she has a warrant a for shop lifting, right? >> right. >> greta: and has the d.a. indicated that he or show i don't know if you have a male or female d.a. intends to execute the warrant the minute she he steps on u.s. soil or has some deal been made? >> i don't know if a deal has been made at all. i'm sure that the fbi is going to take over the case the moment if they do land as
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they -- as it has been said. >> greta: i imagine there is probably some deal i doubt she would come if she was going to be take noon custody right away because i suspect that is why she fled in the first place. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> greta: today the fbi in russia that is where the accused bombers' parents are are. what do they know? congressman peter king joins us. nice to see you, sir. >> good to see you. thank you. >> greta: the other day there was a hearing in the hospital room of the younger of the two brothers. how was it is that the magistrate ended up in the room? was she summoned by someone? >> my understanding the fbi did not invite the magistrate. the fbi was conducting its interrogation and the magistrate arrived which i think is unusual. i haven't practiced law in awheel but i haven't heard of a judge coming uninvited or unannounced to conduct an arraignment while interrogation
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is still going on. that is one of the issues. apparently there was an assistant u.s. attorney with the magistrate. i don't know if it this was arranged by the attorney general for justice department. >> greta: a federal public defender was appointed and they had charges suggests that somebody got the ball rolling and must have come from the justice or u.s. attorney's office in massachusetts. >> the fbi was still care raying out its interrogation. >> greta: they were in the dark. >> it is my understanding the fbi was in the dark. >> greta: he was on a wash list when left for russia in january of 2012 is that right? >> i can't go into all of the details other than to say that when came back from russia as secretary napolitano said there was a ping. fbi was notified that he had come and gone. that he had gone to russia and come back and the fbi did not follow up on it. >> did the fbi know that he had come back.
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what i understood is he had been downgraded on the list during the six months he was listand he wasn't on the lift that he would ping when came back to the country. >> the fbi was aware he came back. >> greta: told after the fact. >> as i understand it told when became cook. came back. the fbi was told about it. >> greta: the homeland security is involved in the investigation and the fbi this is before the bombings when they first got a notice from russia to question him. the cia was is also brought into this more than a year above above the bombing. that raises red flags this is a bigger story than simply some homegrown terrorists. >> without going into the details i strongly believe that the presumption is has to be there was foreign involvement. there was a real sophistication with the weapons. you the indicators are that he
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received training. i'm not saying there is any evidence yet but most professionals involved would think there had to be some training and some direction from overseas. he was on welfare in 2012 and able to travel back and forth to are you you sha. usually a person getting welfare can't afford to go back and forth. who paid for the weapons and the explosives. you mention the mosque. from first accounts he was ejected from a mosque for his behavior earlier this year. did that imam and that mosque ever tell the or the boston police? >> greta: was he obliged to. if you have an obnoxious person you may eject the person and may not follow through. >> if he was ejected because of his radical beliefs. >> greta: is that why he was ejected? >> that is my understanding. the tone was completely radical and that is why he was asked to leave. did the fbi ever tell the boston police about the report that they got from the the
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russians. did they ask the boston police to follow up on it? did they ever go to the mosque. if they had gone and said hey, we have a report on this guy, let us know. >> greta: we keep talking about the the fbi. have we identified the special agent who went out to talk to him or agents? has anybody said what did you do? what did you learn. in what did you report? have we even gone that far because there is a terrible intelligence gap. >> the fbi they looked into it. if they have actually spoken to him or gone to the written record i don't know. also they don't know i believe who responded when homeland security told them he had just come back from are you you sha. >> greta: there has to be a trail. >> there will be. >> greta: we are nine days past. if there were part of a bigger con spear arecy we are nine days in to this and a lot could have happened in nine days. thankfully nothing did. if we don't even know that at this point i would assume that his computer if he has a computer that has been seized and combed. i assume we have done all that,
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right? >> you asked what happened in the past. i'm saying right now the fbi and all of the intelligence community this is 24/7, full-court press, whatever analogy you want to use. i have no criticism of what is being done now. doing a first rate professional job and this is an all encompassing investigation which i think will be larger than people expect it to be. >> greta: they are good at investigating after the fact, after the violence. they failed in the investigation before the violence. how should americans feel comfortable tonight wondering how many other failures are there. >> again the fbi operate under guidelines that are outdated. they have to have more leeway as to how long they can keep an investigation open and continue to monitor. right now they are operating on justice department guidelines which i think have to be expanded and right now they are too restrictive. they could make much better use of local police. most of threats or plots are
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planned locally the from here on in. i don't know if they ever consulted the boston police department about the information they got. >> the tip in the case went to the fbi. >> they should go -- >> greta: and maybe once we get more information we will see they did a thor are row job. tonight it will look like a big gap. >> get out there and preempt it. >> congressman, nice to see you. thank you, sir. >> thank you,. >> greta: if the welfare payments to the accused bomber can not flip your switch a u.n. official ladies and gentlemen official blaming the united states. john bolton joins me, sir. >> good evening. >> greta: now, we know who did the bombing it was the united states. >> this is business as usual for the united nations. this expert has been used on any number of u.n. projects and the views he expresses are not just his own. they are are the views of a lot of the people who cluster
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around the u.n. human rights sill. thecouncil. antiamerican and antiisrael and very much take the side objectively speaking of terrorists around the world. this is nothing new from this guy, this dished international law professor. it is par for the course. >> he refers to the effort to find the two as a some what hysteric boston dragnet. i would probably describe it as an effective dragnet that resulted in the capture of two suspects caught on tape. i wouldn't call it a hysteric boston dragnet. >> of course, not. this guy was a professor at princeton for many years. exactly typical of the professorate at elite universities. are the kind our president had at harvard law school or surrounded himself in at university of chicago. this is have the view in
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akrondemia that dare not speak its name most of the times in public. very revealing about the u.n. system and american academic. >> greta: he wrote how many canaries will have to die before we awaken from our geo political fantasy of domination. >> i think if you surveyed most american professors in the ivy league and other top schools they would say america is too strong and too dominant if the world and it is what obama is trying to remedy by making america less of the problem. he thinks a strong america provokes these kinds of attacks. that is what falk said and by reducing america's strength and presence we will be more loved in the world and the world will be more secure. >> greta: he left out the fact that when these two were in trouble in their homeland we gave them asylum and then gave one citizenship when they needed won any they we gave
10:14 pm
them welwe gave them educationd opportunity. is all part of this fantasy of global domination? >> absolutely. i think what this highlights more than anything else is how vulnerable we have made ourselves, how unwilling we are to face up to the environment we operate in. to the andty americanism that exists in elites parts of our own society and the view around the world that america is too powerful. you wonder why there is so many antiamerican statements made by the u.n. system. this is perfect piece of evidence of the general intellectual environment that the the united states faces almost throughout the entire u.n. system. >> greta: tonight i feel bad and i have for the last nine days for the many great immigrants in this country, the people came here and love the country and add sod much and want to be part of our culture and do so much more and then something like that happens.
10:15 pm
there is so many great immigrants here in the country that it is, indeed, a sad commentary. i'm taking the last word on that ambassador. >> thank you. >> thank you, sir. now to the hot button issue on. >> greta: wire .com. is the u.n.'s richard falk right. here is the two choices. number one, falk is nuts or number two, you agree with falk. go to gretais wire .com and vote. rush limbaugh has something to say about all of the flight delays. we can't afford to pay for air traffic controllers but we just found out what the feds are paying for. it will unblew you. the favorite candidate that. now, singing a new tune literally. stay tuned. you will hear from them and you
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purposely caused situation. >> let's be clear. the sequester was a law written by congress. congress wrote the law. congress passed the law. members of congress should read the law. >> this imperial attitude on the part of the administration you are the most recent example of that imperialism is disgusting. >> this is chaos and passengers are are being punished for the sequester. >> can you assure the american people that what you are doing will have no effect on safety? >> it will have no effect on safety but this effort will be efficiency. >> there is no need. there are plenty of ways to accommodate the sequester without this kind of behavior which is impacting the way people live their daily lives. >> greta: house republicans grilling the faa administrator about the sequester imfact on air travel. the faa warning there are more flight delays ahead. everyone is talking efficiency but how about danger.
10:21 pm
senator john thune joins us and senator want to comment once. jay car are any says congress wrote the law and passed the law and should read the law. i think the president secretary neglected to say it was his boss' idea and he signed the law and didn't veto the law. there was a missing piece of information there. what in the world are you doing about all this? >> and the boss p. the president's employees have known about this for a year and a half. it is not like this was sneaking up on them and then all of a sudden at the 11th hour are on friday they notify the airlines that starting monday they will have these massive delays and that is what we finally got notified about it an and an and an and we havs going back and forth for months trying to get information about how they will implement the sequester. testified twice last week and didn't say anything about it and then friday announces it. screwed up mess from the beginning but it is not something that snuck up on
10:22 pm
them. this has been out there a long time. >> greta: the administrator declined to answer representative rogers repeated questions about whether he and other administration officers discussed transferring money including funds in the larger transportation department to rectify this. there are solutions. >> and they could request reprogramming from congress. they have not made that request. >> greta: why aren't they? >> they don't have a good answer other than so say -- he well said, it wouldn't be enough. are it would go a long ways towards being enough and find other ways to impact this that doesn't impersonnel so essential to public health and safety. >> greta: if there is a problem and that is code for something -- i'm saying it the nice way but if there is a serious problem because of the fur are lowed air traffic controllers this will be blood on every member of congress, senate president's hands.
10:23 pm
everybody knows that air traffic controllers are are important. this gamesmanship of the politics of the sequestration is because nobody didder that job. people are are annoyed at being late and missing flights but there could be something far more catastrophic. >> almost like what they did is how can we make this as painful as possible to the american people and essentially turned airline travelers into a poe political football to make the points that cuts have to be replaced with a big tax increase which is what the president has been advocating. >> greta: has the president said anything about this? >> you you saw you what his spokesman said today. >> greta: he left him out. >> if you look at what the secretary of transportation ray lahood and administrator huerta have been saying. they did come up and we had a conversation and it was constructive and hopefully we can find a way to resolve this soon.
10:24 pm
>> greta: it is not constructive if he didn't answer the question transferring other money. you have the administrator saying i agree this is no way to run a government but we are complying with the law. he is not being creative and not trying. you say it is constructive and i think it is not. >> we pointed out, i mean several times in the hearing last week in their budget all of the areas that are not personnel related that aren't air traffic controller related that are what we would call overhead. $500 million for consultant contracts. $179 million for travel. $134 million for office supplies. those are the types of things they should have been looking at. >> greta: what do they say when you say get that money and move it over here? >> they say we already cut these areas back and it is not enough. if you look at, of course, the point you made earlier the larger d.o.p o.t. budget is a $70 billion budget.
10:25 pm
surely you would find a half a million dollars or half a billion dollars in savings to deal with the issue in a way that doesn't impact public health and safety and the american air traveler are anded our economy. when people are sitting there on the tarmac for hours at a time it has profound impact on our productivity as well. >> greta: i guess looking at worst case scenario and i hope we are only looking at being annoyed and affecting the economy. >> i hope so, too. they better be paying attention to this that aspect of it. there is a solution out there and the administration needs to come forward and work with us to try and solve this in a way that isn't so inconveniencing and so painful not american public. >> greta: it should be done tomorrow. >> right. >> greta: senator, thank you. >> thanks, greta. >> greta: coming up, the report on benghazi setting out a new controversy. ambassador bolton will be back. ambassador bolton will be back. not a one hit [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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>> greta: if you hate as much as you hate government waste this will light your hair on fire. the federal government will spend $190,000 on bank tees for accounts that have nothing in them. zero. washington post reporter david is here to try and help us out. why are we spending $890,000 on fees for empty bank accounts. >> the government has sort of its own bank and when it gives out grants, agencies put the grant money in a little account and if you got the grant you draw it out until it is empty. >> greta: in a commercial bank? a government run bank. the health and hugh human services runs the bank. when the account is empty it is supposed to be closed and happen within 180 days. sometimes it doesn't happen and
10:31 pm
there is no it punishment if it doesn't happen. they sit open for months and years and the government is paying money. >> greta: paying money to ourselves. >> which then is spent to administer the depository. money that goes out the door. >> greta: it is waste. >> say you are the department of agriculture and you have given out a grant you are spending the money that you got from congress to do something else with to help farmers have, spending that maintain a bank a account that has zero in it. it goes to the health and human services department. they spend it on salaries and contractors. running the bigger system ha that has a piece of it just empty. >> greta: 890 this year. how much did we spend in 2011? >> $2 million in 2011. the government accountability office did a survey back then and found out it was $2 million. the number has gone down. the obama administration made an effort to close out a lot.
10:32 pm
>> greta: once they have been closed. no function at all. all they have a function is do is charge taxpayers $65 per account to o service an emtry bank account. >> just a zero on a computer some place. the obama administration to theier it was pointed out they started to work on this. the fact that it was to easy to close half of the bank accounts in a year shows you how easy it would have been to close it a year before that. >> greta: $890,000 we are are on par to close this year. can't we just like flip a switch and close this. >> i was looking agency by agency. some agent is closed them all ought. the national park service. >> greta: they can all do that. >> some say it is more complicated we need more time. >> greta: if someone can throw a switch why can't they all. >> that is what i was trying to get out of these folks. if somebody can get it down to zero why can't everybody? >> greta: unbelievable story but great report and great story getting that one.
10:33 pm
blasting the state department and white house over the benghazi terror are attack. former are u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us again. a preliminary report put out by the republicans not the democrats. i don't know if the democrat hysteric boston is a report but it i -- i don't know if the democrats will have the reports. >> the report the highlights the failures before the attack on september 11th during and the immediate aftermath of the attack and since then to learn why the mistakes were made that led to these tragic deaths and why the administration tried to spin the story in the days after the terrorist attack and then what we need to o do going forward. it is regrettable that the republicans had to do this on their own. i think frank wolf and others had the idea out there for some time. let's have a select committee. if the democrats don't like what is in the report let them dissent from it and write a minority report.
10:34 pm
let's have a concerted cross committee answer here to get some answers which seven months later we still don't have. >> greta: one reference on 9/15 which was a saturday they changed the talking points and handed them over to ambassador susan rice that went on the sunday morning shows and gave the story that now everyone admits is a foolish one. is there any indication, was she set up or did she know the talking points had been changed? i don't get whether she was sort of a pawn in this or not? >> i still want to know why secretary of state hillary clinton wasn't on the talk shows. we was the supervisor of ambassador chris stevens and the other three. susan rice wrote an op ed saying sect remember clinton had a rough week which is an interesting way to put it for somebody that is thinking of running for president. this seems to me to be related, however, to the tragedy that we just saw in boston because what the changing of the talking points reflected as well as the
10:35 pm
president's own statements in the weeks after the attacks in benghazi was an unwillingness to admit that this was a terrorist attack. remember, the narrative was it was a de demonstration that got out of control over the famous video. much in the same way what happened at boston was some people who had been self-radicalized, no international connection. both approaches in the early days before the facts overcame them was there is no international terrorist threat, the war on terror is over. and that is a problem. >> greta: well, the reason that you change the talking points are one of two reasons. either there is an intelligence national security reason or you are covering up something. those are the two options. >> well, or ideology. they are so blind to the world that you can't acknowledge that there is an international terrorist threat. i wish, i said this before i wish the administration was engaging flat out in a political coverup because that is less dangerous for the security of our country than an
10:36 pm
ideology that blinds them to the reality of the threat of international terror. >> greta: i wish the democrats would put out a report because they complain about this report. if this report is bad because it is a stunning shocking report i think we ought to see what the other side is and if they don't speak up and don't put one out that in essence says that the republican one is, correct. their silence would speak volumes. >> still, it is better to have a select committee with republicans and democrats on it. let's get the issues out. if people disagree let's have two different reports and let the people decide. >> greta: indeed. agreed. ambassador, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: tomorrow the george w. bush presidential library and museum will be dedicated. it is on the campus of southern methodist university of dallas. all four living ex-presidents and president obama will be at the ceremony. today bret baier interviewed george bush. here is what the 43rd president had to say about the republican party. >> we are are leaderless now.
10:37 pm
the republican party is leaderless. not the first time we were leaderless nor will it be the last time. pretty soon the party will start coalescing around somebody to be our lead,er. i wish his name was jeb. he would be a lead are. whether or not he chooses to run is not my choice. he had the benefit of seeing his brother and father run for office and he knows it as personal decision to make. pie point is parties -- my point is parties go in cycles and soon there will be a leader of both parties and the fundamental question is will they be able to unite the different elements behind a mission and philosophy that says give me a chance to govern and people's lives will get better. >> greta: you can seat rest of the interview with president bush and former first lady
10:38 pm
laura bush tomorrow night on special report at 6:30 p.m. eastern. coming up from the surveillance video to the accused bomber's own reported admissions prosecutors building their case against dhokhar tsarnaev. lawyers here to talk about the
10:39 pm
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and with the money we saved, we took a trip to san francisco. you see, hotwire checks the competitions' rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so, where to next? how about there? ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ >> greta: this is tushing even disturbing and even sick. a game called the boston marathon terror on the streets. the bloody scenes show dead and injured runners in streets and peck taters cheering on the sidewalk. they have to jump over pressure cooker bombs. it even shows an injured man in a wheel chair with parts of miss leg missing. who is behind the sick game. in it was created by an internet trolling group known for its offensive website. this is not the first disgusting game to appear on
10:41 pm
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10:44 pm
public defender appointed. >> a federal public defender is going to take the case. i think the federal public defender will probably work out a plea deal if the evidence it is a it has been reported is what we think it is. i think this guy will get a life kind of an offer because of his age. i mean if loffner gets a life offer why doesn' doesn't this t one? >> greta: pipes down his throat and needles in his arm, everything is going on. he doesn't know you and you say i'm here to help you. >> yes. first thing you tell a client. i was actual lay public defender that is how i started and the first thing you tell a client is look -- >> first thing you say is read my book. >> you tell them there is always trip trepidation because you are a public defender and they are not paying.
10:45 pm
the joke in the service is the first thing they say when you come is i want me a real lawyer. >> do you have a lawyer? no, i have a about public defender. standard operating procedure. >> you have to convince them, first of all, that just because you are a public defender doesn't mean you are not a real lawyer and that you know what you are doing and many of the public defenders are great lawyers. >> greta: hard for people to understand, first of all, lawyers in the case cases don't choose them and they get called by the court and the constitution demands they have a lawyer and an effective lawyer are but the community sometimes hate the lawyers. >> somebody did an article about the doctors who were doing the kind of triage and what happens when the guys come in and they were saying does the doctor have the right or the ability to refuse to work on one of these guys when they come in? one of the suspects and that is akin to what the lawyers got. can you decide i already
10:46 pm
decided that this person is guilty so therefore i'm not going to work on him? >> they hass have an angle, too, i think. the angle they will i assume try to use is he was under the influence of his brother and sort of a minor character and perhaps just -- they may even take it as far as he didn't really know what was going on. he sort of had maybe a general idea. but i think you will see they will try and take some sort of angle along those lines. >> greta: i would slow play the video of him setting down -- that is hard to overcome. >> he could have run home without his brother chasing him. mark in your new book you talk about the media. the influence the media on this case. >> did you see where i mentioned you in the book? >> greta: i did. it was kind of you. >> wwgs. you know what that stands for what would greta say because every day in one of our high profile trials almost ten years ago we would come in in the morning and we would have tail between legs because no matter what the ruling had been the
10:47 pm
day before the judge would start off the morning with now i don't watch greta but my wife does and i was walking by the tv last night and greta said. >> she said. >> that's right. >> it would be what would greta and i knew i had to revisit every single dang decision. >> greta: you flatter me. a great book. even without the kind things you say about me still a great book. always nice to see you. it has been way too long. >> way too long. >> greta: gentlemen, thank you. straight ahead. remember this guy caught on camera? now, he is helping the store [ engine revving ]
10:48 pm
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>> greta: it is time to hash it out. first up the tv show the walking dead being take and little too seriously at one college campus. the cs monitor tweeting zombie strikes university. the best parts, they got graded. the cdc designed the lesson so the future healthcare workers could be prepared for anything including a zombie invasion. to think we took poets for the easy grade. probably the world's worst burglar. puts the pantyhose over his face but not until after walking in front of the surveillance cameras. the break in plan to throw a rock at the door. he might seem like a loser to us but you a savvy store clerk saw an opportunity with the guy. the "l. a. times" tweeted hit, advertising gold for california deli. the clerk putting together a
10:53 pm
commercial that already racked up half a million you tube videos. >> award winning, new york style pastrami, some people will do just about anything to get more. >> and i meant views not videos and, of course, that would be burglar might now be famous but he is still on the loose. and sasha getting fierce with the media. vibe magazine reporting beyonce bans all press paragraphers from tour to avoid unflattering pics from going viral. babbing press snappers to prevent unflattering pictures of her getting leaked. that happened during the super bowl stint so she put a stop to it. what do you think, america? diva or down to earth? and the rock proveing that nothing can keep him down. dwayne johnson tweeted surgery a success.
10:54 pm
doctor repaired hernial tears. superman is on the mend. johnson's friend movie director michael bai giving him sound advice, grow up and stop wrestling 300-pound men. now, your turn to hash it out with us. don't forget to follow me on twitter at gretawire. coming up, what everyone is going to be talking about tomorrow. and you want to see this first before everyone else does. the rent is too damn high guy has a new rap video. you will see it next. ♪ ♪ economic recovery is too damn slow ♪ ♪ this time we'll change the game if you're running with me then you know my hoo-hoo.
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10:59 pm
is running for new york city mayor, again but this time, jimmy mcmillin is using a rap video. ♪ [ music ] the rent is too damn high. ♪ [ music ] i'm running for mayor, come and run with me. ♪ [ music ] it's been long years since i came on the scene. ♪ [ music ] now i'm back in the game. ♪ [ music ] the message is the same. rent is too damn high. ♪ [ music ] my mustache and hair cut is too damn fly. i'm on a mission again. ♪ [ music ] the rent around here is too damn absurd. ♪ [ music ] . >> greta: that is your last call and we are closing down
11:00 pm
shop. thank you for being with us tonight. there are new polls to vote in so go to good n tonight. tonight. >> andrea: hello, everyone. i'm andrea tantaros along with kimberly guilfoyle, greg gutfeld, eric bolling. and bob beckel. we are in new york city and this is the five. well, you're not going to believe the latest news on the boston terror suspects. you, the hard-working taxpayer, may have been picking up their tab. yep. massachusetts state officials have confirmed that 26-year-old tamerlan tsarnaev, who was killed in a shootout with police was living on tax-pair -- payer funded welfare up until last year. both brothers grew up on welfare with their parents in massachusetts. so there you have it. taxpayers potentially


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